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Foxy Finder is an automated systems development and commercialization company for remote monitoring, locating and tracking of valuable individuals and assets through an online application that enables real-time information and live surveillance.

The company started out in 2011 with a "Foxy 1" watch which is optimized for children. A year later, the need to develop a dedicated product for an older population was raised, and so Foxy 2 was born. Since then, the company has continued to develop dedicated products for the entire population by providing complete solutions of wearables and hidden devices developed by the company with GPS/GSM/WIFI/BLE technology and android 4G environment combined with IoT solutions for the global market.Fo

xy Finder provides tailored solutions in the retail market for special and risky populations such as adults, children and mental exhaustion as well as populations with disabilities and special needs; Alzheimer's, dementia, autistic and more.The system supports achieving the personal
safety of these populations while maintaining their daily routines and independence.In the business aspect, the sys

tems enable the business and organization to manage its resources more efficiently, improve performance and maximize resources in managing control and control of tasks and events in the making of routine and emergency.